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Buch-Cover"Living From Hand to Mouth"

The Jerry Adler Book

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CD-Cover The Jerry Adler Double CD

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CD-Cover The Jerry Adler Show

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Running time: 45 minutes

This DVD contains a segment of a concert that Jerry Adler performed at the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles in 1972 and includes:

  • Someone to Watch Over Me
  • Fiddler On The Roof Medley
  • Tea For Two
  • When You're Smiling
  • The Kerry Dancer
  • Judy Garland Medley

In addition it includes a segment of a concert that Jerry performed with the 80 pc. Abilene Philhamonic Orchestra in 1992, and includes:

  • George M. Cohan Medley
  • Rhapsody in Blue
  • Sugar Blues